Welcome to our club!
Our club unites people who respect and value the nature, people who love and keep admiring its creations. We grasp every chance of discovering something new on this planet, known length and breadth. Our motto is:" Off the beaten tracks", and these three words fully express the philosophy of our club. We do not discriminate on the basis of race,gender, age or nationality. We welcome anyone who is ready to join us!

For most of the foreign tourists Armenia is still like "white spot" on the map.But now, you have possibility to discover new, very unusual land for you, the "terra incognita" which has thousands years of history and a great variety of dramatic landscapes. You will have unique chance get acquainted to semi-deserts, mountain forests and alpine grasslands and all these during one trip!
Large diversity of climatic zones and landscapes will let you choose the most interesting and favorable trip! More over we can shape tour by your desire and area of interests!
The philosophy of our trips is not just hiking and biking: our tours are shaped to represent you the most interesting monuments of our ancient country. Here you can open for yourself ancient observatories of Stone Age, pagan temples and ruins of towns of Hellenistic period and great number of medieval churches , monasteries and fortresses.

We hope you will make new friends here.

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